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Name: Oscar Koeroo
Birthday: May 1981

E-mail: okoeroo *at*
PGP key: 772ACAB8
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2ED4 A04F B214 D31B CB37 5A94 6B0C 6922 772A CAB8

E-mail: oscar.koeroo *at*
PGP key: A211B654
PGP fingerprint:
3D5F 5BA5 AF84 BBE1 3D60 8621 0DCD 74C3 A211 B654

Grid Computing Security Nerd

I’m a computer (ab)user extraordinaire. I worked as a pentester in the KPN Chief Information Security Office (CISO) as part of the REDteam for about 10 months, until I switched sub-teams. I'm now still part of the CISO, but in the Strategy and Policy team. I'm also one of the IAM Officers for KPN. I write, explain, defend the company policy. I excel in the topic for cryptography and network security. I work on several projects, but somehow the terms "identity" and "cryptography" form the dotted line of this job. I'm a zero-nonces and "don't take bullshit for an answer" kind of guy. I also see it as a challenge to unclog problematic cases.

This means my creative computer related stuff moved to the after-office hours. I'm also the chairman for the foundation Cyberpaint. Operation Cyberpaint is a paintball related event where you have the chance to fight your cyber-arguments with paintball.
I worked at a place called Nikhef, which is the Dutch national laboratory for sub-atomic particle physics. In short this means researching really small stuff.
I’ve created specialized authentication, authorization and identity mapping software for large scale infrastructures. This is mostly in context of the Large Hadron Collider at Cern and big national research projects.

At home I’m Sandra’s husband and the proud dad of Lieke and Kevin.